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Return to Vietnam

A veteran, his daughter, their journey

Rockland veterans say goodbye, hello


Photographer Tom Nycz and I reported on the group of Rotarians, Vietnam veterans and family members leaving from Rockland County last night, bound for JFK airport and Hanoi.

Ed busBus boarding

As they said goodbye, they debated how best to say hello in Vietnamese. Click the audio link below to hear what they came up with:


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3 Responses to “Rockland veterans say goodbye, hello”

  1. Jim Murphy

    I’m with you in spirit… I sincerely appreciate what you are doing. Let me know how the coffee from Khe Sanh tastes should you get there. Also, on the west edge of what was Quang Tri City there was an orphanage where I was often brutalized by 10-15 year-old soccer players, any word?
    In Peace, Jim Murphy – S. Nyack

  2. Doc Bernie Duff

    Bao Anh and I will be waiting here in Ho Chi Minh City for your arrival. I don’t have an up to date itinerary for your trip, but we had also planned to meet up with you all in Dalat, as well. If I may also make a comment on Jim Murphy’s message, Bao Anh just returned from the area which you refer to in Quang Tri Province. She led a group of my friends to Anh Thai, where one of the guys had once served as a Navy Corpsman with the Marines in 1968-69. He met with many of the same people in the hamlet he once lived in during that time and actually brought pictures there with him from that time. It was an awesome reunion and the amazing thing is that they all remembered one another very well. We have many pictures from this event, as well as from the area. Bao Anh is from Quang Binh originally (her parents still live there, so it is always considered home to her), which is about an hours drive from this hamlet. Anyway, I look forward to your arrival and plan to meet with you on November 9th, as planned. We will also be meeting with the rest of the group in Tra Vinh on November 14th. Bao Anh and I will get a hotel room in Tra Vinh on the 13th, so we will be there when the group arrives. We are very anxious for everyone to see the kids that I call my, “Garbage Pail Kids,” because they work (and live) in piles of refuse, recycling plastic from about the age of four. More on that when we meet! Have a great trip and don’t hesitate to contact me.

  3. Dan Harley

    It is a bit ironic that I stumbled across your Web site. I’m the son of a Vietnam Veteran and the president-elect of Rotary Club of Apple Valley, California. I’m currently in Ho Chi Minh City and have traveled much of Vietnam since I arrived here about four weeks ago. I will be heading back to California on Monday with my wife.

    This is my third trip to Vietnam in recent years. The reason for this trip was for my honeymoon and to review a Rotary project in Quang Tri province. We weren’t able to reach Quang Tri due to the heavy rains and flooding. However, we were notified that our project was successfully completed by our contacts in the area.

    Your blog brings back memories of my first trip to Vietnam in recent years. That trip was the most incredible experience of my life. I didn’t really know what to expect Vietnam would be like until I arrived and I was blown away with the experience. Having your father with you will be a unique experience that I’m sure many will want to read about.

    Seeing that you’re a journalist, I should direct you to my blog (http://danharley.blogspot.com). The information you find there will help with your travels through Vietnam. I will be updating it with information from my recent trip shortly after returning to the U.S. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need help getting around Vietnam.

    Have a great trip!

    Dan Harley

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